Sunday, April 10, 2011

What is this all about?

Hey Hey Hey!! Justin here and welcome to my kettlebell blog!

First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Justin. I'm a physical education major, and love to play golf and workout with kettlebells! I have been working out with kettlebells for 4 months and can say that they are by far the hardest, yet most fun exercise that I have ever taken part of.

What are kettlebells anyways? Kettlebells are a traditional Russian cast iron weights, that look like a cannonball with a handle. Kettlebell workouts increase muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and flexibility. Unlike these fancy state of the art workout machines that only work one muscle group at a time, kettlebell training works the body as a whole unit (as it was designed to work). Kettlebell workouts are great for both burning fat and building lean muscles!!!

This blog is going to be updated with full kettlebell workouts, rope workouts, sled training, bandit loop exercises, and much more! There is also going to be information on how to build your own workout equipment at home and information about the best places to buy kettlebells. There will also be videos on how to do the different exercises so you can see how to do them properly. 

I hope that you follow me on the blog web site and on twitter!

A lot more to come!

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